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Emerging Tools & Techniques in Consumer Market Research

Across industries the consumer marketing playbook and marketing research analysis approaches are evolving to better meet the needs of customers. Some of the main areas that are being further explored by leaders include: New Media for interacting with consumers New

Delivering Value through Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI) functions help organizations to make informed decisions, anticipate threats, plan effectively in today’s ever-changing marketplace, and ultimately avoid corporate risk. Despite this, the CI function is often undervalued, as it is not yet a traditional corporate function,

Best Practices in the Effectiveness & Security of iPad Deployment

In recent years, the proliferation of tablet technology has had a profound influence on global consumers, and with it, business professionals alike. The resulting impact is that tablets- the foremost example being the iPad- are increasingly being integrated into standard

Call Centers in OTC/Consumer Companies Adopting New Channels & Tools

Consumer Health call centers – and contact centers across various industries – are finding it increasingly challenging to deliver exceptional services. As technology continues to change, leaders must find ways to satisfy customer inquiries and keep up-to-date on customer interaction

Turning Common Hurdles & Pitfalls into Global Team Successes

Did you know that more than one-third of employees work on at least one virtual team? As the building blocks of global organizations, virtual teams provide companies with access to diverse skill sets and expertise, as well as round-the-clock business

Current Practices & Trends in Physician E-Sampling Programs

Pharmaceutical companies are often searching for new ways to supply patients and physicians with samples of their medications. One approach that has gained momentum in recent years is e-sampling—a program that enables physicians to order and manage prescription samples online

Utilizing Automation & Outsourcing to Maximize Market Research Effectiveness

Outsourcing and automation are cost-saving tactics that many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly utilizing. In today’s dynamic biopharmaceutical marketplace, where consumer needs have no boundaries, tactics such as outsourcing and automation can provide sustainable and efficient function options, especially

Onboarding Programs Critical for Planting the Seeds of Employee Engagement & Retention

Organizations rely heavily on effective onboarding programs to bring their new hires up-to-speed. Despite this, even if revenue growth expectations are at an all-time high for a company, training budgets often remain the same or are even cut due to

Challenges & Opportunities In Implementing Social Media Strategies

Since it first appeared on the Internet, social media has been in growth mode and continues to evolve with new social and business applications. Different companies now see this platform in technology as a means to target current and potential

Exploring & Implementing Innovative Sales Training Technologies & Trends

The training that reps—both new & experienced—receive from pharmaceutical sales training programs plays a key role in their overall effectiveness. Despite this, organizations are finding it more and more challenging to deliver exceptional services within their sales functions. As technologies

Optimizing Marketing Staff Levels to Drive Growth

In today’s tough economy, maintaining operational efficiencies remains key, even while focusing on strategy and tactics to drive growth and profitability. Commercial bio-pharma companies must also achieve challenging profitability rates in order to meet investor expectations. By understanding the best

Planning Groups for New Product Planning Growing in Importance

With the growth of patent expirations, the importance of planning groups in new pharma product ventures has grown. These new product launch groups are faced with the pressures of efficiently developing new products with both minimum risk and maximum value.

Maximizing the Potential of Mature Brands through Lifecycle Management

To maximize the value of a brand at every stage of its life, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focused on lifecycle management (LCM). Considering the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, with expiring patents and thin pipelines, brand executives are consistently examining

Overcoming Obstacles when Launching Global Brand Websites

In order to promote the benefits of new therapies and products, pharmaceutical organizations increasingly rely on brand websites. While this new technique may inform the stakeholders involved, it can be challenging to successfully launch a new product’s website globally. Along