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Pharma Company’s Achilles’ Heel: CFO’s Claim Their Organizations Are Getting Better At Managing Risk . . But Are They Really?

The idea of crisis management in companies is as old as civilization – but the function is still immature in practice. While leading executives claim that they are managing their company’s crisis management successfully, there is no standard for Business

One-Size-(Doesn’t Necessarily)-Fit-All: Developing an Effective Pharmaceutical Sales Force to Serve the U.S. Hospital Marketplace

The U.S. hospital marketplace is made up of multiple market segments that each has its own organizational and decision-making structure for formulary decisions. Indeed, hospital formulary decisions are not only influenced by medical professionals focused on efficacy and safety but

Google Me: How B2Bers Navigate up the Communications Stream to Get in Front of Busy Executives

Whether in the medical affairs group, the sales leadership function, or elsewhere in the pharmaceutical environment, corporate communication is perpetually evolving. The vast array of technological advances that impact every aspect of a company’s culture have a particularly large impact

Pharma Sales Forces Jumping on the iBandwagon – How the iPad is Altering Interaction in Pharma Industry & Why You Should Join the iRevolution

The integration of the iPad into the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has had  substantial impact on businesses’ daily operations. The growth of tablet technology is rapidly transforming how field sales forces in the pharma industry communicate with physicians and payers.

Full Speed Ahead!: Tools, Processes & Resources That Drive Pharma Sales Training Effectiveness

The training of an organization’s sales force — particularly in the pharmaceutical sector — is one of the most critical steps companies must take to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Due to the effect they have on overall operations of