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How Pharma & Med-Device Leaders Use & Respond to External Communications

Take the quiz provided below to find out how much of a communication wiz you are! Technology advancements have had a profound effect on communications, particularly external communications targeting pharmaceutical and medical device leaders. Faced with a constantly evolving communication

From Classroom to Boardroom: Training Can Propel Market Researchers from Order-Takers to Trusted Business Advisors

Organizations rely heavily on the Market Research (MR) function to provide insights that will help set a strategic and tactical direction for competing in the global commercial marketplace. Given the complexity of supporting multiple brands spread across lifecycle stages in

Tools, Tips & Tricks for Building Compelling Brand Websites

Superior brand websites deliver key patient support using the wide array of tools afforded by the Internet, such as online tools, medical and insurance glossaries, treatment kits, hotlines, signature support incentives, and access to experts. Biopharmaceutical brand websites certainly fulfill

Biopharmaceutical Product Launches: An Updated Roadmap for Strong Market Entry

Faced with a continually evolving launch landscape, pharmaceutical organizations are rethinking the factors that play the biggest role in the current launch environment. To explore the pivotal success factors and failure points facing new product launches, Best Practices, LLC established

Social Media Buzz Spreading Like Wildfire through Pharma Companies – Best Practices to Avoid Getting Burned

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest may have started as entertainment sources for bored college students & distractions from work for professionals, but more and more companies are flocking to these sources to drive their businesses. It may come as

Public Relations: More than Just Press Releases & Pitch Letters

While Public Relations has long been used as a marketing tool by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, its ability to reach consumers has never been greater. Technology is enabling PR leaders to fashion innovative PR campaigns and new media channels

The Dos & Don’ts of Pay for Performance & The Rewards Associated With Correctly Implementing Incentive Systems

Pay for performance programs are used as a means of staying healthy and competitive in today’s environment of shrinking resources and increasing talent competition. In addition to other incentives, an annual bonus program provides companies with opportunities to financially reward

Digital Marketing Groups Experiencing Growing Pains; Companies Trying to Learn How to Evolve with the Groups & the Transforming Marketplace

Digital Marketing technologies are rapidly transforming the marketplace — challenging companies to develop new marketing strategies that employ a broad range of new tools and techniques. It is becoming more and more critical for executives to identify the most effective