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Becoming Best in Class in Recruiting Top University Talent

As Labor Days approaches and summer comes to a close, students of all ages are returning back to school. At the same time, executives are simultaneously going to work in finding the best ways to recruit top university talent. Colleges

How to: Avoid Falling Back in Medical Affairs

The Healthcare sector has been adjusting to a new era of changing policies. While the importance of Health Economics Outcomes Research increases, so does the prominence of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Many healthcare professionals agree that Medical Affairs takes on an

Best Practices in Delivering MSL Services to Diverse Customer Groups

Biopharmaceutical & Medical Device companies often struggle with the challenge of delivering exceptional services to a diverse set of customers. On top of this, concerns about compliance and legal limitations are forcing companies to re-examine how their medical science liaisons

How to: Grow Customer Loyalty Through Online Product Support Leadership

Understanding all of the guidelines that are associated with chronic care products is a challenge for patients. As a result, organizations have increased the presence of helpful sources, especially websites, for their patients to better understand their condition & treatment

Medical Affairs Improving & Re-inventing Itself For Global Success

The role of Medical Affairs continues to evolve and grow in importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Intensified regulatory scrutiny, increasing competition, and growing price pressures are all hurdles that leaders must overcome. As organizations seek to grow customer loyalty and

Selecting your Pathway for Success: Identifying the Best Re-launch Strategies for your Product

When a pharmaceutical brand is not as successful as an organization hoped it would be, market leaders face the grueling challenge of re-launching a product. With millions of dollars spent in the development and marketing of new products, companies do

Building & Managing Successful Global Teams

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Becoming #1: How Does a Brand Get There & Stay on Top?

Understanding why one pharmaceutical brand may be more successful than another can help leaders to shape the destiny of their own brands. Propelling a brand to #1 can be a challenge, but understanding the key activities and skills that truly

Deploying the iPad into Sales Forces

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Coordinating Marketing & Sales Tactics to Enhance Overall Brand Performance

Developing & maintaining a new brand can be difficult, and adding to the challenges is the pressure to make the brand successful in competitive markets. From a Best Practices, LLC report, interviewed executives crystallized one common insight on what it

How to: Utilize Proactive Risk Management Guidelines to Drive Overall Quality

Quality functions with many organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of delivering low costs and high performance in the face of increased regulations. In order to cope with the struggles associated with these difficulties, companies across various industries must

Role of Medical Science Liaisons Evolving to Better Navigate the New KOL Landscape

As competition for the time and attention of KOLs & hard-to-reach physicians’ increases, the need for Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) simultaneously increases.  Organizations heavily rely on MSLs in their Medical Affairs functions to build and strengthen relationships with key healthcare

Accusations of Social Media Giant’s Sexist Practices Raise Questions of Talent

A recent article featured in Business Journal, “Company Accuses LinkedIn of ‘Extreme Sexism’ After It Pulled An Ad Featuring a Beautiful Argentinian Engineer” discusses the popular professional social media giant, LinkedIn being accused of sexism. While LinkedIn admits that the

The ABCs of Building a High-Impact Global Medical Affairs Function

Maintaining a strong Medical Affairs function is challenging, as they are often plagued by limited resources, personnel turnover, and a rigorous regulatory environment. Despite the vast challenges presented by the clinical development, market education, and regulatory compliance areas, the function