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The Basics on Optimizing Global Brand Website Launches

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Consumer Marketing Research Innovation

To learn more about “Consumer Market Research Innovation: Assessing New Tools, Technologies, and Approaches to Understand and Communicate with Consumers”, check out our website! Link to this post!

Compliance Challenges & Hurdles Increasing for Professional Relations Leaders

Professional & Trade Relations (PTR) groups play a major role in shaping an organization’s public persona to professional, payer, and patient groups. In order to effectively measure and communicate success, leaders must understand that success in the PTR function takes

Why Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is an essential business concept. Although benchmarking is the #1 most utilized global management tool, most companies actually fail to use it to their full advantage. There are many different ways to use benchmarks. Some of these are depicted

Pharmaceutical Sales Communication Excellence

Internal communication can make or break the productivity of a direct sales force. Sales reps and managers in the Pharma industry, more than in any other industry, often experience the highest levels of internal communication. According to our benchmarking research,

Digital Marketing Webinar – TOMORROW! & Thursday

Don’t miss our next research webcast on “Turning the ROI Corner: Pharma Digital Marketing’s Lessons Learned & Next Steps for 2014.” Click on the link next to the date that best fits your schedule to register and reserve your seat.

Best Practices for Business Resiliency Within Biopharma Supply Chain Operations

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies have significantly increased their resources to ensure that their products continuously meet quality standards and regulations. In light of recent major disasters (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and partial nuclear meltdowns in Japan that have occurred

Mastering Digital Marketing Structure

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Aligning Medical Affairs Capabilities In A Changing Health Care Environment Study – Your Expertise Needed!

Plagued by limited resources, personnel turnover, and a rigorous regulatory environment, Medical Affairs functions in the Pharma industry often lack defined goals, cross-functional communication, and measurable return on investment. Despite the many struggles associated with developing & maintaining strong Medical

Where Should Pharma Innovate to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

With new technologies accelerating changes within the healthcare industry, resource-strapped leaders can find it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition let alone innovate. On top of this, executives can suffer from short-sightedness, often only planning three to five

Internal Communication Best Practices & Trends

Technological advances have had a substantial impact on how Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies communicate internally. Given these advancements, the most effective communication strategies and tactics for reaching internal executives have also changed. In order to achieve organizational success and

Sales Training Effectiveness: New Technologies & Trends

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