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Achieving Organizational Effectiveness Through Internal & External Communications

Confronted with a dynamic communication landscape, pharmaceutical organizations must constantly develop their communicative efforts to remain competitive and leverage their talents. Placing emphasis on the alignment of internal and external communication through appropriate tactics enables firms to realize this organizational

Managing Healthcare Reform

With healthcare reform moving forward, leaders in the pharmaceutical & medical device industries must become aware of the changes that will (& are!) considerably impact(ing) their organizations. Finding the appropriate way to respond to these changes, and converting government ecosystem

Mastering Digital Marketing Structure

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Forces of Change Impacting Biopharma Corporate Libraries

Leading Pharmaceutical & Medical Device organizations invest millions of dollars a year into their corporate libraries and information center services. While the need for corporate libraries has remained constant, there are many forces of change that are likely to impact

Cutting Costs While Ensuring Quality & Safety in Medical Device & Diagnostics Companies

One of the greatest challenges that Medical Device & Diagnostics companies face is ensuring that their products meet the high quality standards that are required at every stage of the product lifecycle, while also holding down costs. As budgets continue

Looking Towards the Future of Regulatory Affairs Within Medical Device Companies

In order to keep up with all of the global regulations and laws pertaining to marketing medical device products, Regulatory Affairs groups must remain efficient and effective in order to be productive. Understanding the expected future trends of the function

Mergers & Acquisitions: What Bio-Pharma Companies Need to Know

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Rewarding & Recognizing Top Sales Talent In the Face of Cutbacks

Leading sales leaders and organizations that have mastered the art of motivating their sales representatives often also meet and exceed their revenue targets. As a motivational tool, incentive programs have proven to be highly effective drivers for sales force effectiveness.

Are You Avoiding Risk?

The continually evolving product launch landscape can be enough to make or break a market entry. With many leading pharmaceutical organizations in the process of launching new products, many leaders are rethinking the factors that play the biggest role in the current

Effective Market Research Training Plays a Key Role in Restoring Value

Market Research and Analytics organizations are increasingly being faced with the challenge of supporting multiple product portfolios spread across lifecycle stages in diverse country marketplaces. If this isn’t enough of a challenge, leaders must efficiently and effectively train, educate and