Internal & External Communication Tactics to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

As technology continues to change, so too do the way that organizations communication both internally and externally. In order to cope with the constantly changing communication environment, organizations must continuously revaluate and readjust their internal & external communication strategy and tactics. Despite this, it is difficult to fully gauge the effectiveness of all strategies, tactics and tools that are a part of today’s communication options.

Organizations are now looking at how people utilize various communication formats to achieve organizational success and efficiency. Some key areas that organizations should look at in both external & internal communication include:


  1. Task Updates: Respondents were most interested in receiving company project/task updates, followed by general announcements within the company.
  2. PowerPoint Dominates Communication within the Company: PowerPoint dominates as the most preferred mode of communication, but respondents are much more likely to use memos and reports for subordinates than they are for superiors.
  3. *TIP* -Effectively Tackle Internal Communication Using Type: Organizing emails by type (action required vs. informative) was identified as the most successful time-saving method.


  1. Call to Action: Respondents are most likely to attend webinars and click on links within emails, rather than subscribe to emails or paid content.
  2. Best Time to Send External Emails: The majority of leaders prefer to receive external information before lunchtime. Most prefer to digest business e-mails early in the morning before their daily business operations begin.
  3. *KEEP IN MIND* -Face-to-Face Communication: 9 in 10 of those surveyed stated that meeting someone in person has an impact on their purchasing decisions. Conversely, telemarketing and mobile marketing have the least impact on purchasing decisions.

With so many communications options, companies need to identify which external and internal communication strategies are most effective, and how to best use them. Understanding the best practices in internal & external communication can help organizations to better drive efficient performance, increase profitability and raise consumer loyalty.

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