Best Practices in the Effectiveness & Security of iPad Deployment


In recent years, the proliferation of tablet technology has had a profound influence on global consumers, and with it, business professionals alike. The resulting impact is that tablets- the foremost example being the iPad- are increasingly being integrated into standard business operations. Still, even as the iPad takes its place as a popular technological resource for biopharma and medical device companies, iPad deployment into the field requires significant planning.

Deploying and measuring the effectiveness of the iPad as an innovative sales tool is critical for success. However, a restrictive compliance environment and changing needs among pharmaceutical companies have made it challenging for the industry to maintain the effectiveness of the iPad and ensure the security of the confidential information the device contains.

Understanding some of the industry standards on iPad security & compliance can help organizations to avoid common pitfalls when introducing the iPad into their sales force. Key data trends & takeaways from our recent research included:

  • iPad Security: 80% of companies have at least one established procedure for security issues such as stolen or misplaced iPads. Often, these procedures are overseen by a monitoring system that ensures the proper response to security issues.   
  • “Big Brother” Concerns: About 1/2 of the participating companies noted concern over the ability to track travel activity using the iPad. A best practice is to address this early so it is not an issue.
  • Barriers to Access: Arming your sales and managed markets teams with iPads isn’t an instant success. Some of the biggest issues or obstacles are around content availability (52%), WiFi issues (45%), and being comfortable with the device and operating system.

A major area of concern when implementing new mobile technology to the field, such as the iPad is keeping device and proprietary content secure. Although there are many facets to consider when ensuring content safety, iPad Security Plans and Monitoring Systems are fundamental in internal security efforts. Keeping up-to-date on industry standards & best practices can help to ensure successful iPad deployment, implementation & usage in your sales forces.

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