Best Practices Hosting 6th Medical Affairs Consortium on HEOR


Best Practices will be hosting the sixth roundtable of our Medical Affairs Consortium on Thursday (May 28th) from 11:00AM-12:30PM (EST) via a virtual roundtable to discuss “Medical Affairs’ Role in Health Economics & Outcomes Research.”

This is the final roundtable out of three total for the 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium. The roundtable discussions give participating companies an opportunity to discuss issues around key topic areas with their peers.

The discussion topics emerge from the research study that participants complete at the beginning of each Medical Affairs Consortium. Some key findings that have already emerged from the study surrounding Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) include:

    • Longevity of Health Outcomes (HO) Groups:

      HO programs are common, but they represent a young initiative for much of the benchmark class. While 96% of the benchmark class has a HO program, about 44% have had it in place for three years or less.

    • Increase Medical Affair’s Involvement in HO Activities:

      Medical Affairs’ increasing involvement in HO activities is critical for both Medical Affairs and HO groups, because:

      • Medical Affairs will expand the use of HO data in strategic decision making
      • HO groups will benefit from expanding Thought Leader communication through Medical Affairs’ field based teams.


  • Medical Affairs’ Role in Collecting HO Data:

    Medical Affairs groups lead data collection for a majority of health outcomes research. Medical Affairs takes more leading responsibilities in data collection in younger HO groups. In contrast, company size doesn’t have a significant effect on Medical Affairs’ role in collecting HO data.

Research from Best Practices’ 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium will provide leaders with an evidence-based understanding of current and evolving approaches to the most important Medical Affairs challenges.

To learn more about the Medical Affairs Consortium, click on the following link:

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