Best Practices’ Hosting Medical Affairs Consortium Roundtable Thursday, Nov. 6


Best Practices designed the Medical Affairs Consortium to provide Medical Affairs leaders with a forum for sharing insights about the key challenges they face. The consortium has developed a mechanism for creating and sharing solutions through three virtual roundtable discussions where leaders discuss key findings from the Medical Affairs Consortium survey.

Next Thursday (November 6th) from 11:00AM- 12:30PM (EST), we will be hosting the first roundtable of our 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium. The meeting will host leaders from companies such as: Astellas, Baxter, Biogen Idec, Pfizer, Sanofi and other leading healthcare organizations

Best Practices completed the first-part analysis for the first roundtable of the 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium with very strong participation.  Forty-five medical affairs leaders completed the survey from various regions. As you can see from the map featured below, participants emerged from around the globe:


We created three main segments and additional sub-segments out of these responses:

  • Mature Markets Segment: 29 participants
    • Large Companies Segment (Revenue>$10B): 11 participants
    • Mid-Size Companies Segment (Revenue=$1B-$10B): 10 participants
    • Small Companies Segment (Revenue<$1B): 8 participants
  • Emerging Markets: 10 participants
  • Medical Device: 16 participants

Our first roundtable analysis captures mature markets segment data and the topics include building strong global Medical Affairs organizations, Medical Affairs impact measures and managing compliance. The first roundtable delivered covers the following topics:

  •     Resource allocation in Medical Affairs
  •     Globalization of Medical Affairs organizations
  •     Managing Compliance
  •     Showing the Value of Medical Affairs Activities to Stakeholders

Stay tuned and check back on our blog & our Twitter account (BestPracticesNC) after the roundtable, as we will be adding key insights & lessons learned from the discussion.

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