Best Practices in Delivering MSL Services to Diverse Customer Groups


Biopharmaceutical & Medical Device companies often struggle with the challenge of delivering exceptional services to a diverse set of customers. On top of this, concerns about compliance and legal limitations are forcing companies to re-examine how their medical science liaisons and internal medical staff are working to build strong relationships with key customer groups & decision-makers. In order to overcome these challenges, all MSL Services require fine-tuning. Experienced leaders must be flexible and willing to adapt services to create diverse customer groups in an ever-changing environment.

Keeping up with emerging trends, and avoiding competitor’s operational pitfalls, is critical for understanding how others are effectively utilizing their MSLs to generate value for diverse customer groups. Some of the key takeaways from recent research for enhancing MSL services included:

  • Harness New Technology to Enable Education: In the US, online WebEx conferences and programs are the top new technology used to serve KOLs. Respondents also found that numerous technologies are particularly unsuccessful in reaching out to KOLs, including blogs and online chats.
  • Levels of Acceptable Risk Aversion at Companies Directs Focus: How companies perceive potential risks does influence the activities that they will undertake. Surprisingly, benchmarked companies viewed Corporate Integrity Agreements and lawsuits with minimal concern when attempting to work with and providing services to KOLs.
  • Be Aware of Regulatory Bodies: New regulatory restrictions will make it more difficult to work with or to even see KOLs. Of all the potential risk factors listed in this research, this one caused the most alarm among participants. 41% of respondents saw this as a “high risk”, while 34% saw this emerging trend as a “medium risk” to their effectiveness.

MSLs complete a wide range of activities throughout a product’s lifecycle. Understanding how leaders have fully utilized their MSLs can help to lead other executives to success. MSLs can help to carefully target diverse customer segments, build up trust over time, and encourage visibility with stakeholders. By better understanding MSL services, organizations can diversify their customer groups and become highly effective.

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