Best Practices in Innovative Payer Market Research


The overall influence of payers is rising and the types of payers influencing healthcare access are diversifying in today’s rapidly changing healthcare marketplace. Understanding how to navigate this difficult payer landscape is essential for any company hoping to compete and win in this “brave new world.”

To better understand the core questions surrounding improving payer interactions through marketing research innovation, Best Practices, LLC conducted a research project. The study is helping companies to identify what market research approaches are most effective and innovative for understanding payer needs and decision-making. Some key findings that emerged from the study included:

  • Payer Landscape Research is Well Used & Highly Valued: Up to 86% of companies use payer landscape research tactics to understand payer decision making. Leaders noted that the most commonly used payer landscape research focuses on value proposition testing.
  • Opportunity to Increase Involvement in Executive Exchanges, Ad Boards, & Behavioral Economics: A variety of tools and tactics increase the depth and breadth of insights on payer thinking. For example, Advisory boards and executive exchanges were rated by benchmarked companies as highly effective for probing private and government payer thinking and decision-making.
  • Location of Payer Insight Specialists across Companies Varies: Market researchers conduct payer insights work at 60% of benchmarked companies. 34% of participants work within a dedicated payer market research group centralized in Market Research.
  • Beginning Landscape Research Sooner Helps Companies to Harvest Early Insights: 12% begin to research how payers evaluate products in a therapeutic area in the pre-clinical phase. More than 20% of respondents also begin payer landscape research before Phase 2.

The healthcare marketplace is rapidly and sometimes chaotically evolving. As private and public payers continue to assume greater power and control, organizations must fully understand which market research approaches are the most effective and innovative for understanding diverse payer needs, preferences and decision-making.

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