New Series: Blockbuster Pharmaceutical Drugs Launch Evolution (Part-1)


Take a look at the slide below and see if you can answer which of the 5 drugs had a peak sales year of $13.7 billion.

blockbuster Drug Launch

The answer? – Lipitor

While Lipitor sold a gigantic $13.7 billion in their peak sales year, many of these other drugs listed had huge peak sales years as well. While many believe that the age of the blockbuster may be over, there have been many cases to prove that blockbuster drugs are alive and well.

A recent example of blockbuster drugs that sky-rocketed to success was Gilead Science’s Sovaldi + Harvoni franchise. The franchise produced nearly 800% greater revenues in its first 12 months in market than did the previous blockbuster franchise champion- Incivek (also marketed for Hepatitis C).

blockbuster-new drug-launch

At this year’s Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Conference in New Jersey, Best Practices, LLC’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Bogan discussed the topic: Blockbuster Drugs Launch Evolution: Mapping Market – Entry Changes That Cause New Products to Stumble or Soar. The presentation used recent case studies and primary research by the firm to show how even the smallest of variations in new pharmaceutical product launch can result in dramatically different launch outcomes.

Follow along to find out the course many new products have taken that have lead them to either sink or soar!

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