Brand Marketing in 2013: the ABC’s to leading a Brand to #1


In recent years marketing trends have changed rapidly and drastically. With the explosion of social media onto the marketing scene, companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries must constantly develop innovative ways to update their brand marketing strategies in order to stay current. By evaluating analytical data related to industry brand marketing trends, executives and professionals can determine what the best ways to develop their brand will be based on their industry and therapeutic area.

Provided below are what we are calling the “ABC’s” of successful best practices that have helped to propel successful brands to #1 in the pharmaceutical industry.

Assess your social media presence – Make sure that your message is consistent across all social media sources. Viewers can see any mistake your company makes and as you may know, anything that is put on the web never truly dies. Make sure that your posts are relevant, clear, and are communicating directly to your desired audience.

Be proactive & innovative—With the introduction of mobile marketing and various means of reaching consumers, leaders must be on their “A-game” in order to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  Think long-term when developing brand marketing plans. To succeed, companies must move beyond short-term goals and work toward long-term priorities.  Make sure you are investing time in worthwhile strategies. Think about the big picture rather than just the immediate results. Also, pay attention closely to which tactics work best in your therapeutic area. Not every tactic will work as effectively for everybody.

Content oriented marketing is helpful— The best case scenario for specific brand marketing is that SEO increases and public awareness (and ultimately sales) of the brand sky-rockets. By using content oriented marketing tactics, teams should be able to send a more direct message to consumers. It is essential that professionals and executives develop a clear brand marketing plan & stick to it throughout the year. Shifting goals or objectives throughout the year can be detrimental if not handled correctly. Keep communication clear & concise.

The evolution of brand marketing may be rapid, but there are some tips to keep in mind that will always apply when marketing a brand. Maintaining a presence with consumers is key. Always remain genuine and consistent in your messages. The idea of marketing in 2013 may seem more challenging than ever, but with the help of benchmarking, leaders can see where they stand and how to reach their goals.

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