Building Bridges to Key Audiences: Educating the Marketplace for Successful Diabetes Product Launches


Educating, informing, and preparing the marketplace for new products are all key factors in achieving the ultimate product success desired by organizations. Through the use of Physician, Payer and Patient education, as well as preparing publications and communication strategies, leaders can better prepare key patient groups.

Despite the fast-growing nature of therapeutic areas, such as oncology and diabetes, there are still many challenges that they are presented with. By examining the landscape of successful launches, including medical education and marketing strategies, executives can find the means to efficiently and effectively determine the tactics needed for both pre and post-launch.

Some key opportunities that leaders should embrace include:

  • Using Technology & Public Relations as Tools for Educating: Public relations and newer technologies can be cheap and effective means of educating the marketplace. During development and pre-launch, social media, Internet, YouTube and other video communication channels can be used to educate patients, physicians, payers, and even government.
  • Don’t Underestimate Blogs: Current Pharma organizations, especially in the diabetes therapeutic area, are becoming more and more involved with blogs. This key opportunity area can be useful for not only patients, but also the company in general. Proceed with caution though, interactions on blogs should be carefully planned.
  • Effectively Manage Clinical Trials: By having strong leadership throughout the development process, organizations can increase corporate credibility and win some important thought leaders. Relationships are crucial. As presented in the chart provided below, have a working history with a company was ranked as one of the most effective ways to win an investigator’s approval of your study over another study.


Planning out the entire process of launching a new product in detail, including organizing medical education and marketing practices, is the best way to inform and shape the marketplace.

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