Brand Management Excellence: Designing Successful Brand Teams Key to Brand Success


In order to maximize the value of a brand, critical decisions must be made at the right time & by the right people. Strategic brand management, as well as the knowledge of the critical structure of these groups, is essential for the success of a product.

Leaders in the brand management function are often presented with the challenge of making crucial decisions that can ultimately lead to the success or failure of a product. Due to the critical nature of this function, many of our clients have reached out and used our benchmarking research as an aid for brand team management & brand governance excellence.

One area of focus within brand management that was addressed in the report was the size, structure, and composition of brand teams. As displayed in the slide presented below, leadership within the function is key.


The slide above offers results from brand leaders. An overwhelming majority listed that their groups are often lead by a VP, Director, or Manager in the Marketing function. Maintaining constant and clear internal communications, as well as sharing information about operational details, can lead to a more effective team.

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