Digital Marketing Leaders Discuss Top Tools & Channels for Enhancing Product Launch


Each quarter, the Best Practices Digital Marketing Consortium convenes a virtual roundtable meeting to bring together life-sciences executives to discuss successes, failures and new opportunities to use digital marketing to transform the bio-pharma customer engagement model.

Our most recent meeting, held on September 23, brought together 15 digital and multi-channel marketing leaders from some of the leading health care manufacturers in the world.  These leaders shared their insights into strategies such as digitizing new product planning and launch, developing new digital marketing talent and optimizing digital service management and delivery.

According to our roundtable panel, most bio-pharmaceutical and medical device companies use social insights to map the patient journey, better understand patient perspectives, and better engage the customer.  Here’s how one participating executive put it:

A lot of our activity in social media monitoring is really trying to get a better understanding specifically on patient journey mapping, and what is it really like to live with some of the conditions that we treat, such as ‘living with addiction,’ for example.  We really need to pin down the language that patients use and where they go to congregate.  In trying to understand that broader community – which can be pretty amorphous – we’ve found that social monitoring really helps us.   We look at some of the bigger social media communities, but to the degree that we can look at specialized patient health communities and sub-communities, we really try to go deep.” 

This roundtable discussion focused on the latest benchmarking research from our Digital Marketing Consortium membership group, examining the impact of digital support on various activities for pre-launch commercial programs and clinical/medical programs.

For achieving key commercial objectives at launch, digital marketing teams deliver highest pre-launch impact by delivering Competitive Assessments and providing Customer Insights to launch and new product commercialization teams.  From a medical perspective, the top areas where digital support drives major impact includes the creation of Disease Education Tools, Non-branded Websites, and Online KOL Outreach to effectively support launching products (see graphic below).


The next Digital Marketing Consortium meeting will take place on Friday, December 9th.  This final meeting of the year will explore how life sciences companies “Select and Finance Digital Marketing Innovations” within their firms.

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