Emerging Tools & Techniques in Consumer Market Research


Across industries the consumer marketing playbook and marketing research analysis approaches are evolving to better meet the needs of customers. Some of the main areas that are being further explored by leaders include:

  1. New Media for interacting with consumers
  2. New qualitative techniques for insight mining
  3. New qualitative techniques for research data analysis

The evolution of technologies involved with communication continues as platforms such as social media become part of organizations’ matrix of tools. These new technologies are consequently transforming how consumers educate themselves and make critical purchasing decisions. While leading organizations are investigating new technologies, there are still some questions about which tools & techniques are the most effective. Here are some of the key areas being examined:

  • Gamification: The jury is still out on the concept of gamification. While some praise it for engaging consumers and serving as an effective marketing vehicle, others lament its cost and effectiveness in marketing research. From our recent research we found that a large percentage of both pharma and non-pharma participants are not using gamification.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO, and to a lesser degree search engine marketing (SEM), is essential to maintaining an organization’s presence and brand. Participants said SEM, customized e-mail, print publications and SEO were four of the most effective tools for communication.

Although consumer market research is evolving and new technologies are often being utilized by researchers to gain better insights into consumer attitudes and actions, the tools used vary across industries. The Pharma segment in one of our recent studies frequently use mobile research and web-use tracking as emerging market research tools. Meanwhile, the non-pharma segment mainly uses social media listening and web-use tracking. Neither segment utilizes gamification or geotracking extensively.

Amid the sea of change in communication capabilities, organizations are striving to adopt and utilize innovation in consumer marketing research. Understanding which methodologies and tools feature the most innovation can help to increase the effectiveness of organization’s consumer market research efforts and to avoid current obstacles that are perceived to be affecting their efforts.

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