Exclusive: Key Findings from Best Practices’ 5th Medical Affairs Consortium


Best Practices recently completed the second roundtable of our 2014-2015 Medical Affairs Consortium. The roundtable addressed the topic of “Medical Affairs Launch Support.” The roundtable brought together executives from 13 leading pharmaceutical organizations.

Some exclusive key findings from the discussion included:

  • Thought Leader Engagement & Advisory Boards: Medical Affairs plays a leading role in thought leader selection, segmentation and relationship management, as well as in creating and executing advisory boards. Eighty six percent of the total benchmark class leads Thought Leader Management Activities and Advisory Boards.
  • Opportunity Area: Medical Affairs has the opportunity to invest more time and efforts in the Clinical Research and Operations area. Areas that were identified as important involvement opportunities included: Investigator and Site Identification, Clinical Trial Research, and Protocol design. For the majority of the benchmark class, Medical Affairs is in a support role for these activities.
  • Align MSL Team Size to Changing Needs: Launch strategies have shifted in the last few years from being sales, marketing and brand management oriented to scientific and clinical data oriented. This shift has increased the importance of Medical Affairs’ role for the early stages of launch. The three main areas of change that were discussed in our roundtable meeting were:
  1. Scientific and clinical research oriented commercial decisions
  2. Importance of Health Outcomes Data in payers’ buying decisions
  3. Shift to specialty care products from primary care products

Here is a sample chart from the research:

MSL team size metrics

We observed a stronger increase in MSL team size up to 500 targeted thought leaders.  However, this increase starts flattening as the targeted number of thought leaders increases.

The sixth Medical Affairs Consortium will take place in early June 2015. The topic of this discussion will be: “Medical Affairs’ Role in Health Economics Outcomes Research.”

To learn more about the Best Practices’ Medical Affairs Consortium, check out our website: http://www.best-in-class.com/medical-affairs-consortium

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