Exploring & Implementing Innovative Sales Training Technologies & Trends


The training that reps—both new & experienced—receive from pharmaceutical sales training programs plays a key role in their overall effectiveness. Despite this, organizations are finding it more and more challenging to deliver exceptional services within their sales functions.

As technologies and training trends continue to evolve, leaders must stay relevant and up-to-date in order to encourage effectiveness within their sales training programs. Savvy leaders keep an eye on the horizon to identify and prepare for the adoption of emerging technologies that may prove appropriate for their organizations down the road.

As the healthcare marketplace continues to evolve, organizations should continually evaluate new technologies & training trends to see if they align with their organizational goals and are worth implementing. From our primary benchmarking research, we identified some of the main technologies & trends that leaders in the pharmaceutical industry are focusing on today. Some of the key technologies, tactics & trends being utilized today include:

  • iPad-Type Devices: While many companies are increasingly moving their Sales Training content to mobile devices, currently only 18% are delivering what they consider their “core training” via these devices. Despite this, organizations are very interested in these devices and many are actively creating apps for training purposes.
  • Virtual Classrooms: Interviewed participants mentioned that they see potential in transitioning more learning from in-person to virtual classrooms. Pros of providing classroom-type instruction over the internet included reducing travel and some student/teacher interactivity. While lessons can be archivable, the cost of this technology and the unknown effectiveness are causing some hesitation amongst leaders.
  • ‘Gamification’: Turning learning into a game-playing experience is on the rise amongst training leaders. 38% of participants are currently using or planning to deploy a game-based application for training purposes within the coming years.

Remaining up-to-date on current trends and technologies is critical for sales training programs. Although this is important, leaders should also understand how to maximize existing technologies for now. Before jumping into investing in virtual classrooms or mobile technology, some benchmark participants are innovating to fully exploit their existing technology. Leveraging the tools that are already in place, combined with embracing and adopting some emerging technologies can encourage successful training programs within your organization.

Provided below are some key sales training metrics at a glance that emerged from the study, “Pharmaceutical Sales Training Excellence”:


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