Google & Apple Announce New Health Care Innovations


When Google and Novartis business unit Alcon announced recently that they would partner to bring a “smart” contact lens to the market, it put an exclamation mark on the next wave in health care innovation.

Earlier this year, Apple announced its new health apps that track everything from blood pressure, weight, hydration and exercise. Thus, two companies best known for disruption in the technology industry have decided to diversify their interests by focusing on an area that people are becoming increasingly interested in — their health.

While medicines will continue to drive many companies’ plans and pipelines in the near future, the fact that Google and Apple plan to create medical devices should put pharmaceutical and medical device companies on alert.

It is no secret that the pharma and medical device industries have never been known for rapid change. That is not the case with Google and Apple, two companies synonymous with innovation.

Yes, both companies have been pushing to create mobile apps and other tools that will allow for the collection of health data that payer companies often push for. But Google’s partnership with the Novartis eye-care unit shows an even greater desire to become part of people’s health solutions.

For its part, I doubt that Apple plans to be outdone. The idea of the iWatch will give the company another entry point into people’s lives and the $2.8 trillion health care industry.

Executives in the pharma and medical device industries find themselves at an interesting place where retrenchment can set them back decades, but innovation is an uncomfortable process.

Alcon has set a great example for companies to follow. It will be an interesting few years as companies will either embrace Google and Apple’s involvement or lag the impending innovations.


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