Google Me: How B2Bers Navigate up the Communications Stream to Get in Front of Busy Executives


Whether in the medical affairs group, the sales leadership function, or elsewhere in the pharmaceutical environment, corporate communication is perpetually evolving. The vast array of technological advances that impact every aspect of a company’s culture have a particularly large impact on external communications, including targeting business customers and clients.

Due to these ever-changing factors, corporations and professionals must continuously adjust their business-to-business (B2B) communication strategies and tactics. Measuring the effectiveness of these adjustments is difficult, but also critical as a way to fully adapt to today’s communication options. 

In a recent Best Practices’ study, it was found that the impact of email and social media on communication has been extensive in the corporate world, but face-to-face communication was still listed as the dominant force that drives business-to-business purchasing decisions. Conversely, 9 out of 10 benchmarking participants stated that telemarketing and mobile marketing had the least impact on purchasing decisions.

By examining which tools executives are most prone to use, it is easier to determine which strategies to use when trying to reach their desired audience. Businesses can save time and increase the chances that the message they are attempting to send will be received accurately by knowing that executives prefer to receive external information before noon. In today’s competitive market, it is more essential than ever for B2B companies to adjust and find the most appropriate ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their external communication approaches and processes.

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