How Elite Medical Affairs Teams Help Drive a Successful Pharma Product Launch


A highly regulated marketplace, coupled with intensifying competition, have pushed the Medical Affairs function into a significant launch role that extends from the pre-launch phases to well beyond market entry.

Best-in-class Medical Affairs groups can become a kind of conduit between key external decision makers and the organization, particularly in the areas of early-stage thought leader interaction, successful thought leader segmentation, alignment of commercial training to demands of key stakeholders, and effective launch resource management.

Indeed, our benchmarking research “Medical Affairs’ Role in Ensuring Excellence in Product Launch” shows that Medical Affairs groups are now heavily involved in many critical launch activities, including: Scientific Publications, Medical Science Liaison Activities, Advisory Boards, Thought Leader Identification and Thought Leader Development.

Best Practices, LLC engaged 28 executives from 24 leading life sciences companies in this research to highlight the critical success factors for a robust Medical Affairs launch support.

Watch the video below to learn how elite Medical Affairs groups support successful pharma product launches – and how our report can help your organization create a successful Medical Affairs product launch strategy.

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