How to: Grow Customer Loyalty Through Online Product Support Leadership


Understanding all of the guidelines that are associated with chronic care products is a challenge for patients. As a result, organizations have increased the presence of helpful sources, especially websites, for their patients to better understand their condition & treatment options. Online patient support services not only help patients to better understand their condition, but they also help to build brand loyalty.

Optimizing online patient support websites is a process that involves many steps. The Internet can support a wide array of tools, including: information delivery, kits, hotlines, access to experts, and many other critical patient tools. Understanding which web services are necessary and most effective for your organization can help organizations to better understand the pathway to leadership in patient support services on the web.

So what should you provide on your website to help patients? Provided below are a few tips of how to improve your online customer services.

  • Provide Ample Disease State Information: From Best Practices, LLC research, we found that every benchmarked company had written disease state information on their product websites. 60% of companies even had graphics or animated displays to further help patients to understand the treatment process.
  • Include an Easy-to-Use Search Function for Patients: As depicted in the slide provided below, website search tools are utilized by the large majority of benchmarked participants. Search functions can allow individual patients to quickly obtain information about a wide range of subjects. Image
  • Utilize Current Video Media Trends: One area that can be innovative in educating patients is utilizing social media sites, for example: YouTube. Using video tutorials can simulate an office visit, thus making the patient feel more comfortable about their treatment. These videos also bring important disease information to virtual life and can be more engaging.

Highlighting the positives (ease, comfort, value) of a drug, while also providing patients with an easy outlet for asking treatment questions are key reasons why organizations have increasingly provided product websites for patients. Websites can help to enrich a patient’s educational experience, but also helps to build patient loyalty. The importance of engaging patients in critical information exchange has made it vital for chronic care product websites to effectively present information online.

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