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Value of Internal Consulting Being Questioned: Moving Forward in a Time of Uncertainty

Internal Consulting groups are valuable functions at many large companies. These groups often complete tasks focused on Organizational Development, Quality, Process Improvement, Internal Strategy, as well as many other functions that work to improve overall organizational effectiveness. Despite the value

Pharmaceutical New Product Planning: The Role of Medical Affairs Critical in Defining New Paths for Success

New product planning (NPP) groups have continually played a critical role in encouraging successful product launches. In today’s marketplace, the function has been forced to evolve in order to cope with various forces that have been driving industry changes and

Winning Strategies for Pharmaceutical Brand Management

Learning how to effectively manage brands is an issue that various pharmaceutical companies struggle with. While the complex function of pharmaceutical brand management can be daunting, by examining industry failures & triumphs, pharma brand managers can drastically improve the quality

Pharma Franchises: Promoting Multiple Similar Products to Cut Launch Costs, Leverage Efficiencies

With the “Age of the Blockbuster” on the wane, healthcare companies must find ways to maximize revenue from every corner of their portfolios. Pharma companies large and small are thus under great pressure to cheaply launch and promote each new

Early KOL Development Key to Acceptance

The scientific exchange between medical science liaisons (MSLs) and healthcare professionals and advocates has grown richer and fuller in recent years. This has given Medical Affairs functions greater opportunities to build credibility with Key Opinion Leaders and others that work

From Classroom to Boardroom: Training Can Propel Market Researchers from Order-Takers to Trusted Business Advisors

Organizations rely heavily on the Market Research (MR) function to provide insights that will help set a strategic and tactical direction for competing in the global commercial marketplace. Given the complexity of supporting multiple brands spread across lifecycle stages in

Pharma Sales Forces Jumping on the iBandwagon – How the iPad is Altering Interaction in Pharma Industry & Why You Should Join the iRevolution

The integration of the iPad into the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has had  substantial impact on businesses’ daily operations. The growth of tablet technology is rapidly transforming how field sales forces in the pharma industry communicate with physicians and payers.

Full Speed Ahead!: Tools, Processes & Resources That Drive Pharma Sales Training Effectiveness

The training of an organization’s sales force — particularly in the pharmaceutical sector — is one of the most critical steps companies must take to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Due to the effect they have on overall operations of

Best Practices in Brand Messaging to Prepare the Market for a Product Launch

Best Practices, LLC Sr. Analyst Martha Haswell discusses how top pharma companies create strong brand management messaging to drive the launch of new drugs. Listen as she shares some key thoughts around this important facet of product launch. Link to