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Sales Training Effectiveness: New Technologies & Trends

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How to: Avoid Falling Back in Medical Affairs

The Healthcare sector has been adjusting to a new era of changing policies. While the importance of Health Economics Outcomes Research increases, so does the prominence of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Many healthcare professionals agree that Medical Affairs takes on an

How to: Grow Customer Loyalty Through Online Product Support Leadership

Understanding all of the guidelines that are associated with chronic care products is a challenge for patients. As a result, organizations have increased the presence of helpful sources, especially websites, for their patients to better understand their condition & treatment

Building & Managing Successful Global Teams

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Deploying the iPad into Sales Forces

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Coordinating Marketing & Sales Tactics to Enhance Overall Brand Performance

Developing & maintaining a new brand can be difficult, and adding to the challenges is the pressure to make the brand successful in competitive markets. From a Best Practices, LLC report, interviewed executives crystallized one common insight on what it

How to: Attract & Retain Engineering Talent in an Increasingly Competitive Labor Market

In order for companies to continue growing, and to distinguish themselves from competitors, it is essential to maintain top engineering talent. Despite this, leaders have often struggled with recruiting and retaining employees with high technology proficiency.  With engineering talent a

Capturing Valuable Insights: Internal vs. External Market Research

In recent years, organizations across all industries have increasingly been leveraging employees for market research projects. These projects allow organizations to gain key business-related insights and ultimately drive greater workforce engagement.  Although companies are increasingly leveraging this internal tactic, they

Building Bridges to Key Audiences: Educating the Marketplace for Successful Diabetes Product Launches

Educating, informing, and preparing the marketplace for new products are all key factors in achieving the ultimate product success desired by organizations. Through the use of Physician, Payer and Patient education, as well as preparing publications and communication strategies, leaders

Growing your Business by Planting Social Media Seeds

Nowadays it can seem like Social Media is taking over the world. Virtually every industry has some involvement in Social Media, even if it’s just employees using personal accounts. By creating a Social Media strategy for business, organizations can expand