Role of Medical Affairs Increasing in Oncology Launch


The Medical Affairs function plays a vital role in a host of oncology activities, including identification and engagement of Key Thought Leaders to guidance of commercial strategies and launch resources management. It is becoming increasingly apparent that a successful launch requires deep involvement of Medical Affairs.

Understanding Medical Affairs role in launch & identifying the appropriate steps for success are key. From our recent research we found that there are four key areas that Medical Affairs organizations must focus on during launch to promote success. These include:

  1. Interact with Thought Leaders at Early Stage: Medical Affairs must play a leading role in developing an effective information exchange between the company and key decision-makers.
  2. Identify Thought Leader Segments Clearly: Thought Leader segmentation should be flexible and adjusted to changing demands of the healthcare market.
  3. Guide Commercial Strategies: Three steps are important to guide product launch strategy:
    • Understand key decision makers’ needs
    • Align commercial training to the demands of key decision-makers
    • Generate evidence-based and value added data
  4. Acquire Resources & Allocate Effectively: Successful launch requires Medical Affairs organizations to be flexible in their budget allocation and to be able to adjust their budgeting according to changing needs.

A rapidly changing marketplace, coupled with a restricted promotional environment have pushed the Medical Affairs (MA) function beyond its traditional support role into a more prominent oncology launch role that extends from the pre-launch phase to well beyond market entry. Now, more than ever, it is essential for companies focused on oncology therapies to find better ways to develop successful launch strategies.

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