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Medical Affairs’ Excellence: Spend Allocation & Staffing

As the Medical Affairs function continues to change, so too does the way that leaders are staffing this critical function. In today’s competitive healthcare environment, there are many pressures that are affecting the spending & staffing levels of Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs: Structuring & Strong Leadership Critical for Success

Faced with shrinking sales forces, pharmaceutical companies are relying on other functions such as Medical Affairs to enhance the efforts of sales and marketing to accelerate product and business growth. Due to the increasingly important nature of the Medical Affairs

Successfully Deploying iPads to Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Advances in technology have opened doors for bio-pharmaceutical companies to a gain competitive edge in the competitive healthcare market. Despite this, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are still struggling to efficiently utilize iPads & effectively connect healthcare thought leaders and physicians.

Optimizing Structure & Staffing of Professional Medical Education Groups

As the Medical Education landscape continues to change for the pharmaceutical & medical device industries, understanding the optimal staffing, investment, and delivery platforms will become increasingly important. Providing valuable education opportunities to healthcare practitioners is a goal of many organizations,

Aligning Medical Affairs Capabilities In A Changing Health Care Environment Study – Your Expertise Needed!

Plagued by limited resources, personnel turnover, and a rigorous regulatory environment, Medical Affairs functions in the Pharma industry often lack defined goals, cross-functional communication, and measurable return on investment. Despite the many struggles associated with developing & maintaining strong Medical

How to: Avoid Falling Back in Medical Affairs

The Healthcare sector has been adjusting to a new era of changing policies. While the importance of Health Economics Outcomes Research increases, so does the prominence of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Many healthcare professionals agree that Medical Affairs takes on an

Medical Affairs Improving & Re-inventing Itself For Global Success

The role of Medical Affairs continues to evolve and grow in importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Intensified regulatory scrutiny, increasing competition, and growing price pressures are all hurdles that leaders must overcome. As organizations seek to grow customer loyalty and