New Technologies Creating New Public Relations Opportunities


While marketers in the biopharmaceutical industry have long used Public Relations as a tool to support their brands, recent technologies –social networks, audio sharing, and video sharing—are creating fertile new ground for PR experts. These new additions to the Public Relations playbook have joined the traditional press release as effective and low-cost methods that help drive sales.

Technology is enabling PR leaders to fashion innovative PR campaigns and new media channels have improved the reach of public relations through forums such as online disease state awareness groups and brand web sites. Some of the other new technologies that leaders are utilizing to create new PR opportunities include:

  • Social Networks: Social networking sites—such as Facebook, Myspace and disease-specific sites, like for depression sufferers—create new links between brands and patients. Savvy communication experts are engaging these social networks through all stages of a brand’s lifecycle.
  • Audio Sharing: The advent of Podcasts as a standardized form of information-based audio-sharing create new opportunities for brands to inform, educate and expand brand awareness.
  • Video Sharing: Video-sharing is another new technology that is exploding on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and other sites. It represents another powerful channel by which PR campaigns are extending information, education and entertainment to engage patients – and then have the patients share with others those materials.
  • Info Alerts: Information alerts have spread rapidly through the Internet. They are a powerful new channel for PR strategists to communicate with customers, consumers and patient groups on a variety of areas related to the disease state, new science, therapy and brand information.

Understanding how the benefits of these new technologies can help PR leaders to reach a broader audience more effectively and efficiently. The immediacy of these media has also enhanced the opportunity for shrewdly timing and executing PR activities in the product lifecycle.  Utilizing these new technologies can help leaders to effectively educate and inform consumers at different points in a product’s lifecycle.

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