Optimizing Marketing Staff Levels to Drive Growth


In today’s tough economy, maintaining operational efficiencies remains key, even while focusing on strategy and tactics to drive growth and profitability. Commercial bio-pharma companies must also achieve challenging profitability rates in order to meet investor expectations. By understanding the best practices in optimizing marketing staffing levels, a company can provide maximum output from this essential part of its organization.

In order to address the various issues brought up by marketing staffing and performance levels, Best Practices, LLC conducted a study that focused on three key factors: staffing & productivity levels across healthcare business models, growth & profit margins that characterize high performance, and strategic & tactical marketing activities that provide the greatest value versus the resources they consume. This report’s key findings found that improvement in marketing opportunities resided among four different sections. The key findings of these include:

  1. Structure:  Remember that no one structure is ideal across all businesses. Each different organization must find their unique situation and must align structures accordingly in order to find efficient allocation while allowing for flexibility to meet with different opportunities and challenges as they arise.
  1. Staffing: Companies must correlate staffing alignment with their business objectives to ensure that brands are properly resourced within the scope of their portfolio in order to optimize revenue growth and profit margins.
  1. Marketing Activity: In order to properly optimize their portfolio growth rates throughout a product lifecycle, each business unit must shift their marketing activities over time.
  1. Growth & Margin Rate: Companies must be sure to recognize their individual situations and focus their resources to align with proper business objectives. Through sufficient marketing staffing and activity optimization, an organization can enhance growth rates and margin rates as well.

In order to compete in today’s challenging healthcare marketplace, pharma & medical device companies must carefully examine their marketing staffing & performance levels to achieve proper optimization ranges. Across the healthcare sector, it is important to conduct proper analysis in order to minimize losses and maximize efficiency.

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