Optimizing Medical Device Professional Medical Education Groups


The landscape for delivering medical education on the safe and effective use of devices to healthcare professionals is a challenge that the medical device sector is increasingly being faced with. As the marketplace continues to change, it is becoming more critical than ever for organizations to understand the right staffing, investment, program types and delivery platforms for providing valuable education opportunities for healthcare practitioners.

Many leaders are finding it challenging to determine if their medical education group is sufficiently staffed and funded or if they should add, shrink, or shift resources. From our recent benchmarking research, we found the following key findings in regards to structuring & staffing Medical Device Med Ed groups:

  • Structure & Staffing: While pharma has already made this structural adjustment, the device sector is shifting their Medical Education function to either medical affairs or divisions that have limited, if any, commercial ties. In the study, 21% of the device segment said Medical Education was part of Marketing and 30% said their Med Ed head reported to a marketing executive.
  • Budget & Geography: In terms of geographic focus, Medical Education is uniquely positioned to help fuel organizations’ growth in emerging areas like China and India. Despite the growing revenue stream produced by emerging areas, device and pharma companies are devoting to Asia-emerging areas few of their total MedEd FTEs (device 7.5% vs. pharma 1.9%), few of their total MedEd programs (device 5.8% vs. pharma 1.4%) and relatively little of their total MedEd budget (device 6.4% vs. pharma 1.9%).
  • Technology: Technology-based programs will increase in the next two years in both device and pharma sectors – but device participants foresee an explosion with 58% projecting more than 30 percent% whereas in pharma, 61% of participants project increases of 10% or more.

Medical device education groups play a crucial role in educating healthcare professionals about the safe and effective use of devices. To optimize their capability and efficiency in an evolving marketplace, medical education groups need to ensure they are appropriately structured and sufficiently staffed.

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