Overcoming Obstacles when Launching Global Brand Websites


In order to promote the benefits of new therapies and products, pharmaceutical organizations increasingly rely on brand websites. While this new technique may inform the stakeholders involved, it can be challenging to successfully launch a new product’s website globally. Along with having the necessary content and information, brand websites must fulfill the needs of medical professionals, patients and other stakeholders while also understanding regional differences in regulations and culture.  It is thus incredibly important to optimize the web presence of different products in order to successfully overcome the obstacles of a global marketplace.

Benchmark partners in a recent Best Practices, LLC report identified different methods by which companies cater to different clients, customers and stakeholders across the globe. The most likely ways pharmaceutical organizations could best leverage their global web presence included:

Dedicate Adequate Resources: Many participating companies reported internal struggles for adequate funding to maintain and promote their global product websites.   

Measure Website Performance: A lack of a clear objective for the global product website was listed as the biggest stumbling block by participants in this study. The metrics you are looking to drive must be communicated thoroughly from the beginning and must also be consistently measured and acted upon when underperforming.

Choose an Appropriate Team Structure: Development of the site coupled with content creation and approval is handled mainly through a centralized team structure. However, this trend shifts to a more regional approach in maintenance and promotion when the site comes out. 


Through this study, many lessons learned to avoid potential failures and maximize the potential of a global brand through websites were also identified. These lessons included:

Global Websites must be easily adjustable to local needs: With a diverse group of customers, payers and other stakeholders, websites must be adjustable to different needs, regional differences and cultures in order to maximize success.

Don’t put up a website without a clear set of performance metrics to measure against: The key to a product website’s success is to have a set of performance metrics to measure against. By having this, the organization can take action when the page does not perform appropriately.

It is important that brand leaders who are in charge of optimizing the web presence of their products to understand how to navigate the complexities of a global marketplace. By better understanding this topic, pharmaceutical organizations can avoid pitfalls of global brand website launches while also finding maximum success in implementing the global launch of a new product.

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