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Roll the Dice: Playing the Clinical Trial Lottery

Clinical Trials are key stepping stones in the drug development process. Companies spend billions of dollars on drug testing each year – and yet, for a surprising number of medicines, we still don’t know if they’re really safe or effective.

Physicians & Patients Anxiously Await Results from Cholesterol-Reducing Drug Development Footrace

The recent discovery of a rare gene mutation causing cholesterol levels not imagined previously has caused a three-way footrace between industry giants, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Amgen. The pharmaceutical companies are all in the process of developing drugs that mimic the

Pharmaceutical New Product Planning: The Role of Medical Affairs Critical in Defining New Paths for Success

New product planning (NPP) groups have continually played a critical role in encouraging successful product launches. In today’s marketplace, the function has been forced to evolve in order to cope with various forces that have been driving industry changes and

Pharma Franchises: Promoting Multiple Similar Products to Cut Launch Costs, Leverage Efficiencies

With the “Age of the Blockbuster” on the wane, healthcare companies must find ways to maximize revenue from every corner of their portfolios. Pharma companies large and small are thus under great pressure to cheaply launch and promote each new