Full Speed Ahead!: Tools, Processes & Resources That Drive Pharma Sales Training Effectiveness


The training of an organization’s sales force — particularly in the pharmaceutical sector — is one of the most critical steps companies must take to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Due to the effect they have on overall operations of a sales training group, the budget and structure of a company’s sales training organization have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the group.

In order to fully understand the importance of sales training throughout the pharmaceutical industry, Best Practices, LLC, developed a timely benchmarking study. The report delivers performance benchmarks for the size, cost, scope, content, delivery channels, lessons learned, and success drivers of leading Sales Training organizations across the pharmaceutical industry. The study identifies successful training venues, technologies, organizational structures, delivery approaches, performance measurement processes, and resource levels that drive effectiveness in high-performing Sales Training organizations.

Check out our SlideShare preview of the report provided below. Sales Training leaders can use the metrics and insights in this study to evaluate and compare the performance of their Sales Training organizations.

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