Public Relations: More than Just Press Releases & Pitch Letters


While Public Relations has long been used as a marketing tool by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, its ability to reach consumers has never been greater. Technology is enabling PR leaders to fashion innovative PR campaigns and new media channels have improved the reach of public relations through forums such as online disease state awareness groups and brand websites.

It’s clear that websites, online social networks, and blogs have joined the traditional press release as effective and low-cost methods that help drive sales. The immediacy of these media sources has also enhanced the opportunity for shrewdly timing and executing PR activities in the product lifecycle.

While countless biopharma marketers use Public Relations to support their brands, recent field research from Best Practices, LLC suggests that few companies have actually utilized the full potential of PR campaigns across the entire product lifecycle – preparing, launching, growing and extending the commercial life of a brand.

With this understanding, Best Practices, LLC’s recent research project was used to identify which Public Relations activities are the most effective at educating and informing consumers at different points in a product’s lifecycle.

What we found through this study were various key insights, including:

1)      Public Relations is a flexible tool

  • PR is an effective – and underutilized – marketing tool that can reach consumers & medical professionals throughout a product’s lifecycle.

2)      Public Relations is a cornerstone in educating, informing and shaping the market

3)      PR is useful for building bridges to the next generation of successor products

  • The PR toolkit has proven valuable in helping companies with strong product franchises to build bridges from first-generation to second-generation blockbusters. When this is done well, product uptake is enhanced during the second generation.

In order to make the most of various Public Relations tactics, it is essential that pharmaceutical leaders better understand what PR activities are most effective at educating and informing customers at different stages of the product lifecycle.

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  1. Nik says:

    I am a PR student at Indiana State University, and I really liked this blog. Your description of PR is so inspirational and independent. Your statement, “PR is useful for building bridges to the next generation of successor products” was what inspired me the most, suggesting that my generation will change the business world!
    Thank you

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