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Patient-Centered Marketing to Improve Outcomes

In order to build a sustainable brand & a strong reputation, it is critical that leaders create educational marketing that will engage patient populations. Given the constant and wide-ranging marketing messages directed at consumers, organizations need to develop and deliver

Internal & External Communication Tactics to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

As technology continues to change, so too do the way that organizations communication both internally and externally. In order to cope with the constantly changing communication environment, organizations must continuously revaluate and readjust their internal & external communication strategy and

Mastering Digital Marketing Structures & Strategies

Digital Marketing functions across the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly being challenged by a myriad of factors.  As Digital Marketing technologies continue to transform, companies must develop new marketing skills by utilizing a broad range of new tools. In order to

Launching & Growing Multiple Brands in the Same Therapeutic Area

Challenge: How does an organization launch & grow multiple products for a common therapeutic area while keeping costs down & efficiently deploying Sales & Marketing resources? Launching and growing multiple products for a common therapeutic area is a challenging proposition.

Emerging Tools in Consumer Market Research

New technologies are constantly changing the way that consumers get information. Correspondingly, across industry sectors the consumer marketing playbook and marketing research analysis approaches are evolving to better identify winning tools and techniques. Despite this, many leaders are still struggling

Utilizing Public Relations throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle

Public Relations is an often underutilized tool when marketing to consumers and medical professionals throughout a product’s lifecycle. While pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have long used public relations, few companies have actually utilized the full potential of PR campaigns across

Looking Towards The Future of Market Research Within Healthcare Organizations

The Market Research function is highly valued in both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Leading organizations utilize Market Research to inform their strategic planning and operational tactics across numerous functions. As these companies evolve, Market Research must also adapt and

Optimizing Structure & Staffing of Professional Medical Education Groups

As the Medical Education landscape continues to change for the pharmaceutical & medical device industries, understanding the optimal staffing, investment, and delivery platforms will become increasingly important. Providing valuable education opportunities to healthcare practitioners is a goal of many organizations,

Pharmaceutical Giants Pioneering the Way in Social Media

A recent article featured on FiercePharma’s website offers a list of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the social media arena. The article, “Top 10 pharma companies in social media,” lists pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Novo Nordisk as

Best Practices in Structuring & Managing Early-Stage Commercialization Groups

The success of a pharmaceutical organization’s pipeline is often linked to the effectiveness of its new product commercialization function. Despite this, there is no consensus on what separates an effective early-stage commercialization group from an ineffective one. While the success

Propelling A Brand to #1 & Staying on Top

Although there are vast differences between various brands’ journeys to success, there are also some commonalities. Understanding these best practices can help leaders to propel their pharmaceutical brand to #1 and stay on top. So how does a brand become

Top 3 Challenges in Creating & Maintaining Effective Managed Care Pull-Through Programs

In today’s competitive marketplace, pull-through programs are increasing in importance and can be highly effective at driving results. In order to increase provider awareness of products, leaders must now ensure that their managed care pull-through programs and processes are effective

HOL Function Driving Value Across Healthcare Industry

Health Outcomes Liaisons (HOLs) serve as a scientific bridge between companies and health care system decision-makers in managed care.  With billions in sales riding on effectively communicating with these organizations, HOLs are increasingly working to effectively convey a therapy’s safety

Emphasis on US Managed Care Organizations Increasing

The influence of Managed Care groups is increasing, causing leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to also increase the number of activities that they carry out as a part of interacting with the managed care sector. Pharmaceutical and biotech leaders have