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Mergers & Acquisitions: What Bio-Pharma Companies Need to Know

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Are You Avoiding Risk?

The continually evolving product launch landscape can be enough to make or break a market entry. With many leading pharmaceutical organizations in the process of launching new products, many leaders are rethinking the factors that play the biggest role in the current

Best Practices for Business Resiliency Within Biopharma Supply Chain Operations

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies have significantly increased their resources to ensure that their products continuously meet quality standards and regulations. In light of recent major disasters (such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and partial nuclear meltdowns in Japan that have occurred

The ABCs of Building a High-Impact Global Medical Affairs Function

Maintaining a strong Medical Affairs function is challenging, as they are often plagued by limited resources, personnel turnover, and a rigorous regulatory environment. Despite the vast challenges presented by the clinical development, market education, and regulatory compliance areas, the function

Harnessing Innovation to Advance Customer Marketing Programs

Promoting & enabling innovation and excellence in Customer Marketing is a goal that organizations, regardless of industry, aim for but often struggle with finding the means to do. Due to the constant changes and challenges associated with marketing programs, leaders