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Mastering Brand Leadership To Reap Product Success

Last week’s post by Cameron Tew, “Why Great Brand Managers are Even Better Leaders,” was about how the best brand team leaders can elicit loyalty and focus from members who come to the product team from various functional teams. Ultimately,

Why Great Brand Managers are Even Better Leaders

Companies frequently search for ways to gauge success and often come up with practical measures to decide whether a product is a boon or a bust. Executives often believe that by setting measurable goals that brand teams can create a

Utilizing Public Relations throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle


Public Relations is an often underutilized tool when marketing to consumers and medical professionals throughout a product’s lifecycle. While pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have long used public relations, few companies have actually utilized the full potential of PR campaigns across

Overcoming Obstacles when Launching Global Brand Websites


In order to promote the benefits of new therapies and products, pharmaceutical organizations increasingly rely on brand websites. While this new technique may inform the stakeholders involved, it can be challenging to successfully launch a new product’s website globally. Along

The Basics on Optimizing Global Brand Website Launches


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Becoming #1: How Does a Brand Get There & Stay on Top?


Understanding why one pharmaceutical brand may be more successful than another can help leaders to shape the destiny of their own brands. Propelling a brand to #1 can be a challenge, but understanding the key activities and skills that truly

Coordinating Marketing & Sales Tactics to Enhance Overall Brand Performance


Developing & maintaining a new brand can be difficult, and adding to the challenges is the pressure to make the brand successful in competitive markets. From a Best Practices, LLC report, interviewed executives crystallized one common insight on what it

How to: Juggle Multiple Brands Without Cannibalizing an Established Brand


Managing multiple brands at the same time requires excellent leadership and balancing skills. Bio-pharmaceutical companies today are developing and learning how to juggle multiple brands, without harming the market traction of previous products. Benchmark partners in a Best Practices, LLC

Brand Management Excellence: Designing Successful Brand Teams Key to Brand Success


In order to maximize the value of a brand, critical decisions must be made at the right time & by the right people. Strategic brand management, as well as the knowledge of the critical structure of these groups, is essential

Winning Strategies for Pharmaceutical Brand Management


Learning how to effectively manage brands is an issue that various pharmaceutical companies struggle with. While the complex function of pharmaceutical brand management can be daunting, by examining industry failures & triumphs, pharma brand managers can drastically improve the quality

Tools, Tips & Tricks for Building Compelling Brand Websites


Superior brand websites deliver key patient support using the wide array of tools afforded by the Internet, such as online tools, medical and insurance glossaries, treatment kits, hotlines, signature support incentives, and access to experts. Biopharmaceutical brand websites certainly fulfill

Best Practices in Brand Messaging to Prepare the Market for a Product Launch


Best Practices, LLC Sr. Analyst Martha Haswell discusses how top pharma companies create strong brand management messaging to drive the launch of new drugs. Listen as she shares some key thoughts around this important facet of product launch. Link to