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How to: Grow Customer Loyalty Through Online Product Support Leadership

Understanding all of the guidelines that are associated with chronic care products is a challenge for patients. As a result, organizations have increased the presence of helpful sources, especially websites, for their patients to better understand their condition & treatment

How to: Juggle Multiple Brands Without Cannibalizing an Established Brand

Managing multiple brands at the same time requires excellent leadership and balancing skills. Bio-pharmaceutical companies today are developing and learning how to juggle multiple brands, without harming the market traction of previous products. Benchmark partners in a Best Practices, LLC

How to: Attract & Retain Engineering Talent in an Increasingly Competitive Labor Market

In order for companies to continue growing, and to distinguish themselves from competitors, it is essential to maintain top engineering talent. Despite this, leaders have often struggled with recruiting and retaining employees with high technology proficiency.  With engineering talent a

How to: Use the Tools & Resources Needed to Fine-Tune your Sales Leadership (Part 2)

Given the ever-changing nature of the Sales training function in the pharmaceutical industry, leaders must often re-evaluate their sales effectiveness. Keeping the entire sales force up-to-date on new changes that are constantly affecting Sales Force effectiveness may seem like a

How to: Use Sales Best Practices to Establish Effective Sales Leadership Organizations (Part 1)

In the world of Sales Training, changes are ever-occurring. In order to encourage Sales Training excellence, it is beneficial to be aware of the current best practices in the biopharmaceutical sales function. Provided below is a checklist of how to