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Google Life Sciences Making Strides to Get Under Our Skin (for Good Reasons)

Six months ago, I wrote a blog about how Google and Apple were pushing into the healthcare industry with their innovative apps – Google’s and Alcon Labs’ “smart” contact lens and Apple’s foray into new health apps that track everything

Google & Apple Announce New Health Care Innovations


When Google and Novartis business unit Alcon announced recently that they would partner to bring a “smart” contact lens to the market, it put an exclamation mark on the next wave in health care innovation. Earlier this year, Apple announced its

Emerging Tools & Techniques in Consumer Market Research


Across industries the consumer marketing playbook and marketing research analysis approaches are evolving to better meet the needs of customers. Some of the main areas that are being further explored by leaders include: New Media for interacting with consumers New

Where Should Pharma Innovate to Stay Ahead of the Competition?


With new technologies accelerating changes within the healthcare industry, resource-strapped leaders can find it increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the competition let alone innovate. On top of this, executives can suffer from short-sightedness, often only planning three to five

Harnessing Innovation to Advance Customer Marketing Programs


Promoting & enabling innovation and excellence in Customer Marketing is a goal that organizations, regardless of industry, aim for but often struggle with finding the means to do. Due to the constant changes and challenges associated with marketing programs, leaders