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Creating and Maintaining a Strategic KOL Management and Engagement System

Across the pharmaceutical sector, regulatory and access issues have reshaped interactions with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). And with KOL interactions affecting everything from clinical development to product launch, the issue of strategically managing these critical exchanges looms large for small

Effective Thought Leader Engagement: Winning Support Vs. Earning Trust

For many years, my company has been asked by pharmaceutical and medical device companies how to best win the support of industry thought-leaders. As the health care environment has grown more complex and scrutinized, I no longer believe companies should

Best Practices in KOL Management


Thought leaders play a critical role throughout every stage of the development of new pharmaceutical products. In fact, success in the pharmaceutical sector is often linked to an organization’s ability to build, maintain and manage relationships with Key Opinion Leaders

Medical Affairs: Structuring & Strong Leadership Critical for Success


Faced with shrinking sales forces, pharmaceutical companies are relying on other functions such as Medical Affairs to enhance the efforts of sales and marketing to accelerate product and business growth. Due to the increasingly important nature of the Medical Affairs

Establishing & Coordinating an Effective KOL Engagement System


Regardless of all of the changes in the US healthcare system, the importance of biopharmaceutical company’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management program has not diminished. KOLs are still recognized as one of the most effective avenues for building awareness in

Role of Medical Science Liaisons Evolving to Better Navigate the New KOL Landscape


As competition for the time and attention of KOLs & hard-to-reach physicians’ increases, the need for Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) simultaneously increases.  Organizations heavily rely on MSLs in their Medical Affairs functions to build and strengthen relationships with key healthcare