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Launching & Growing Multiple Brands in the Same Therapeutic Area

Challenge: How does an organization launch & grow multiple products for a common therapeutic area while keeping costs down & efficiently deploying Sales & Marketing resources? Launching and growing multiple products for a common therapeutic area is a challenging proposition.

Success Factors & Future Trends in Oncology-GSM

Successfully marketing a new oncology product can be a daunting endeavor that often falls to the Global Strategic Marketing function within the biopharmaceutical industry. Not only must these groups navigate a tough regulatory environment, but regional differences and the competitive

Current Practices & Trends in Physician E-Sampling Programs

Pharmaceutical companies are often searching for new ways to supply patients and physicians with samples of their medications. One approach that has gained momentum in recent years is e-sampling—a program that enables physicians to order and manage prescription samples online

Optimizing Marketing Staff Levels to Drive Growth

In today’s tough economy, maintaining operational efficiencies remains key, even while focusing on strategy and tactics to drive growth and profitability. Commercial bio-pharma companies must also achieve challenging profitability rates in order to meet investor expectations. By understanding the best

Mastering Digital Marketing Structure

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The Basics on Optimizing Global Brand Website Launches

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Consumer Marketing Research Innovation

To learn more about “Consumer Market Research Innovation: Assessing New Tools, Technologies, and Approaches to Understand and Communicate with Consumers”, check out our website! Link to this post!

Mastering Digital Marketing Structure

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Selecting your Pathway for Success: Identifying the Best Re-launch Strategies for your Product

When a pharmaceutical brand is not as successful as an organization hoped it would be, market leaders face the grueling challenge of re-launching a product. With millions of dollars spent in the development and marketing of new products, companies do

Becoming #1: How Does a Brand Get There & Stay on Top?

Understanding why one pharmaceutical brand may be more successful than another can help leaders to shape the destiny of their own brands. Propelling a brand to #1 can be a challenge, but understanding the key activities and skills that truly

Coordinating Marketing & Sales Tactics to Enhance Overall Brand Performance

Developing & maintaining a new brand can be difficult, and adding to the challenges is the pressure to make the brand successful in competitive markets. From a Best Practices, LLC report, interviewed executives crystallized one common insight on what it

Harnessing Innovation to Advance Customer Marketing Programs

Promoting & enabling innovation and excellence in Customer Marketing is a goal that organizations, regardless of industry, aim for but often struggle with finding the means to do. Due to the constant changes and challenges associated with marketing programs, leaders

How to: Juggle Multiple Brands Without Cannibalizing an Established Brand

Managing multiple brands at the same time requires excellent leadership and balancing skills. Bio-pharmaceutical companies today are developing and learning how to juggle multiple brands, without harming the market traction of previous products. Benchmark partners in a Best Practices, LLC

What is Innovation? : Promoting & Enabling Innovation in Customer Marketing

Recently, bio-pharmaceutical leaders have been faced with various challenges that have forced them to become savvier, especially in the area of marketing innovations. In current news, Myriad Genetics, a molecular diagnostic company, is suing two competitors for offering similar genetic