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Internal Communication Best Practices & Trends


Technological advances have had a substantial impact on how Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies communicate internally. Given these advancements, the most effective communication strategies and tactics for reaching internal executives have also changed. In order to achieve organizational success and

Growing your Business by Planting Social Media Seeds


Nowadays it can seem like Social Media is taking over the world. Virtually every industry has some involvement in Social Media, even if it’s just employees using personal accounts. By creating a Social Media strategy for business, organizations can expand

Pharma Sales Forces Jumping on the iBandwagon – How the iPad is Altering Interaction in Pharma Industry & Why You Should Join the iRevolution


The integration of the iPad into the biotech and pharmaceutical industry has had  substantial impact on businesses’ daily operations. The growth of tablet technology is rapidly transforming how field sales forces in the pharma industry communicate with physicians and payers.