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Accusations of Social Media Giant’s Sexist Practices Raise Questions of Talent

A recent article featured in Business Journal, “Company Accuses LinkedIn of ‘Extreme Sexism’ After It Pulled An Ad Featuring a Beautiful Argentinian Engineer” discusses the popular professional social media giant, LinkedIn being accused of sexism. While LinkedIn admits that the

What is Innovation? : Promoting & Enabling Innovation in Customer Marketing

Recently, bio-pharmaceutical leaders have been faced with various challenges that have forced them to become savvier, especially in the area of marketing innovations. In current news, Myriad Genetics, a molecular diagnostic company, is suing two competitors for offering similar genetic

Physicians & Patients Anxiously Await Results from Cholesterol-Reducing Drug Development Footrace

The recent discovery of a rare gene mutation causing cholesterol levels not imagined previously has caused a three-way footrace between industry giants, Sanofi, Pfizer, and Amgen. The pharmaceutical companies are all in the process of developing drugs that mimic the

China’s Crackdown on GlaxoSmithKline Shows Importance of Pharmaceutical Risk Management

As pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline undergoes intense scrutiny from the Chinese government, the rest of the World, especially the healthcare industry, looks on and awaits the ultimate findings or fallout from the investigation of the company’s alleged inappropriate practices. The investigation