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New Technologies Creating New Public Relations Opportunities

While marketers in the biopharmaceutical industry have long used Public Relations as a tool to support their brands, recent technologies –social networks, audio sharing, and video sharing—are creating fertile new ground for PR experts. These new additions to the Public

Utilizing Public Relations throughout the Entire Product Lifecycle

Public Relations is an often underutilized tool when marketing to consumers and medical professionals throughout a product’s lifecycle. While pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have long used public relations, few companies have actually utilized the full potential of PR campaigns across

Building Bridges to Key Audiences: Educating the Marketplace for Successful Diabetes Product Launches

Educating, informing, and preparing the marketplace for new products are all key factors in achieving the ultimate product success desired by organizations. Through the use of Physician, Payer and Patient education, as well as preparing publications and communication strategies, leaders

Public Relations: More than Just Press Releases & Pitch Letters

While Public Relations has long been used as a marketing tool by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, its ability to reach consumers has never been greater. Technology is enabling PR leaders to fashion innovative PR campaigns and new media channels