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How to: Use Sales Best Practices to Establish Effective Sales Leadership Organizations (Part 1)

In the world of Sales Training, changes are ever-occurring. In order to encourage Sales Training excellence, it is beneficial to be aware of the current best practices in the biopharmaceutical sales function. Provided below is a checklist of how to

Marketing Excellence: Driving Costs Down & Effectiveness Up

Marketing organizations today are faced with the dueling challenge of delivering quality services to their internal clients while still holding down costs. To meet performance objectives, is it essential that Marketing leaders understand how their expenses, services scope, resources, organizational

Brand Marketing in 2013: the ABC’s to leading a Brand to #1

In recent years marketing trends have changed rapidly and drastically. With the explosion of social media onto the marketing scene, companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries must constantly develop innovative ways to update their brand marketing strategies in

One-Size-(Doesn’t Necessarily)-Fit-All: Developing an Effective Pharmaceutical Sales Force to Serve the U.S. Hospital Marketplace

The U.S. hospital marketplace is made up of multiple market segments that each has its own organizational and decision-making structure for formulary decisions. Indeed, hospital formulary decisions are not only influenced by medical professionals focused on efficacy and safety but