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Adopting the New Patient Journey Framework for Marketing

Marketing within the healthcare industry has been rapidly changing due to the growing influence of patients. Physicians are no longer the main focus in marketing when trying to determine market access and product launch success. Because patients are becoming more

Factors Driving Changes & Growth in the Healthcare Industry

In the past five years the healthcare industry has experienced many changes & has continued to grow.  According to recent research by Software Advice (Healthcare’s Fastest-Growing Companies- By The Numbers), “the average health company on the Inc. 5000 list generated

Launching & Growing Multiple Brands in the Same Therapeutic Area

Challenge: How does an organization launch & grow multiple products for a common therapeutic area while keeping costs down & efficiently deploying Sales & Marketing resources? Launching and growing multiple products for a common therapeutic area is a challenging proposition.

Best Practices in the Effectiveness & Security of iPad Deployment

In recent years, the proliferation of tablet technology has had a profound influence on global consumers, and with it, business professionals alike. The resulting impact is that tablets- the foremost example being the iPad- are increasingly being integrated into standard

Exploring & Implementing Innovative Sales Training Technologies & Trends

The training that reps—both new & experienced—receive from pharmaceutical sales training programs plays a key role in their overall effectiveness. Despite this, organizations are finding it more and more challenging to deliver exceptional services within their sales functions. As technologies

Rewarding & Recognizing Top Sales Talent In the Face of Cutbacks

Leading sales leaders and organizations that have mastered the art of motivating their sales representatives often also meet and exceed their revenue targets. As a motivational tool, incentive programs have proven to be highly effective drivers for sales force effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical Sales Communication Excellence

Internal communication can make or break the productivity of a direct sales force. Sales reps and managers in the Pharma industry, more than in any other industry, often experience the highest levels of internal communication. According to our benchmarking research,

Sales Training Effectiveness: New Technologies & Trends

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Selecting your Pathway for Success: Identifying the Best Re-launch Strategies for your Product

When a pharmaceutical brand is not as successful as an organization hoped it would be, market leaders face the grueling challenge of re-launching a product. With millions of dollars spent in the development and marketing of new products, companies do

Becoming #1: How Does a Brand Get There & Stay on Top?

Understanding why one pharmaceutical brand may be more successful than another can help leaders to shape the destiny of their own brands. Propelling a brand to #1 can be a challenge, but understanding the key activities and skills that truly

Deploying the iPad into Sales Forces

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Coordinating Marketing & Sales Tactics to Enhance Overall Brand Performance

Developing & maintaining a new brand can be difficult, and adding to the challenges is the pressure to make the brand successful in competitive markets. From a Best Practices, LLC report, interviewed executives crystallized one common insight on what it

How to: Juggle Multiple Brands Without Cannibalizing an Established Brand

Managing multiple brands at the same time requires excellent leadership and balancing skills. Bio-pharmaceutical companies today are developing and learning how to juggle multiple brands, without harming the market traction of previous products. Benchmark partners in a Best Practices, LLC

How to: Use the Tools & Resources Needed to Fine-Tune your Sales Leadership (Part 2)

Given the ever-changing nature of the Sales training function in the pharmaceutical industry, leaders must often re-evaluate their sales effectiveness. Keeping the entire sales force up-to-date on new changes that are constantly affecting Sales Force effectiveness may seem like a