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Digital Marketing Leaders Discuss Top Tools & Channels for Enhancing Product Launch

Each quarter, the Best Practices Digital Marketing Consortium convenes a virtual roundtable meeting to bring together life-sciences executives to discuss successes, failures and new opportunities to use digital marketing to transform the bio-pharma customer engagement model. Our most recent meeting,

Overcoming Regulatory Risks and Gaining Critical Insights through Social Media Listening

The pharmaceutical industry as a whole has struggled to delve into the social media world. The main reason for this is due to regulatory restrictions, with organizations fearful to engage in online conversations with patients due to the perceived high

New Technologies Creating New Public Relations Opportunities

While marketers in the biopharmaceutical industry have long used Public Relations as a tool to support their brands, recent technologies –social networks, audio sharing, and video sharing—are creating fertile new ground for PR experts. These new additions to the Public

(Infographic) Pharma Social Media Listening: Is Your Company Being Left Behind?

Online social media disease state discussions among patients, physicians, caregivers and other key customer groups have flourished in recent years. Likewise, the need to capture the critical market insights that exist in these online platforms is also on the rise. Savvy

Pharmaceutical Giants Pioneering the Way in Social Media

A recent article featured on FiercePharma’s website offers a list of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the social media arena. The article, “Top 10 pharma companies in social media,” lists pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Novo Nordisk as

Top 5 Best Practices in Avoiding Regulatory Risk in Digital Marketing

More than ever, patients and physicians are utilizing social media and online web portals to find treatment answers to their conditions. As traditional marketing diminishes and social media continues to flourish, leaders in the healthcare industry must find new ways

Call Centers in OTC/Consumer Companies Adopting New Channels & Tools

Consumer Health call centers – and contact centers across various industries – are finding it increasingly challenging to deliver exceptional services. As technology continues to change, leaders must find ways to satisfy customer inquiries and keep up-to-date on customer interaction

Challenges & Opportunities In Implementing Social Media Strategies

Since it first appeared on the Internet, social media has been in growth mode and continues to evolve with new social and business applications. Different companies now see this platform in technology as a means to target current and potential

Internal Communication Best Practices & Trends

Technological advances have had a substantial impact on how Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies communicate internally. Given these advancements, the most effective communication strategies and tactics for reaching internal executives have also changed. In order to achieve organizational success and

How to: Grow Customer Loyalty Through Online Product Support Leadership

Understanding all of the guidelines that are associated with chronic care products is a challenge for patients. As a result, organizations have increased the presence of helpful sources, especially websites, for their patients to better understand their condition & treatment

Accusations of Social Media Giant’s Sexist Practices Raise Questions of Talent

A recent article featured in Business Journal, “Company Accuses LinkedIn of ‘Extreme Sexism’ After It Pulled An Ad Featuring a Beautiful Argentinian Engineer” discusses the popular professional social media giant, LinkedIn being accused of sexism. While LinkedIn admits that the

Growing your Business by Planting Social Media Seeds

Nowadays it can seem like Social Media is taking over the world. Virtually every industry has some involvement in Social Media, even if it’s just employees using personal accounts. By creating a Social Media strategy for business, organizations can expand

Healthcare Industry Preparing for Digital Marketing Boom: Are you Prepared?

Across industries, companies are expecting to grow their Digital Marketing (DM) budgets in an effort to better compete in this fast-growing sector. Despite this, the healthcare sector is lagging behind in their DM participation due to increased FDA regulations. Leaders

Brand Marketing in 2013: the ABC’s to leading a Brand to #1

In recent years marketing trends have changed rapidly and drastically. With the explosion of social media onto the marketing scene, companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries must constantly develop innovative ways to update their brand marketing strategies in