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Onboarding Programs Critical for Planting the Seeds of Employee Engagement & Retention


Organizations rely heavily on effective onboarding programs to bring their new hires up-to-speed. Despite this, even if revenue growth expectations are at an all-time high for a company, training budgets often remain the same or are even cut due to

Medical Affairs Improving & Re-inventing Itself For Global Success


The role of Medical Affairs continues to evolve and grow in importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Intensified regulatory scrutiny, increasing competition, and growing price pressures are all hurdles that leaders must overcome. As organizations seek to grow customer loyalty and

Selecting your Pathway for Success: Identifying the Best Re-launch Strategies for your Product


When a pharmaceutical brand is not as successful as an organization hoped it would be, market leaders face the grueling challenge of re-launching a product. With millions of dollars spent in the development and marketing of new products, companies do