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Becoming Best in Class in Recruiting Top University Talent


As Labor Days approaches and summer comes to a close, students of all ages are returning back to school. At the same time, executives are simultaneously going to work in finding the best ways to recruit top university talent. Colleges

Accusations of Social Media Giant’s Sexist Practices Raise Questions of Talent


A recent article featured in Business Journal, “Company Accuses LinkedIn of ‘Extreme Sexism’ After It Pulled An Ad Featuring a Beautiful Argentinian Engineer” discusses the popular professional social media giant, LinkedIn being accused of sexism. While LinkedIn admits that the

How to: Attract & Retain Engineering Talent in an Increasingly Competitive Labor Market


In order for companies to continue growing, and to distinguish themselves from competitors, it is essential to maintain top engineering talent. Despite this, leaders have often struggled with recruiting and retaining employees with high technology proficiency.  With engineering talent a